Seven Beach Activities

(Playa Mita Iberostar Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

On the seventh day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, seven beach activities.

Pool life was certainly not exhausted, it’s just that beach life was so good today. I’m not sure where I was, but I missed the release of baby sea turtles. Baby. Sea. Turtles! Sheesh. Delma shared her photos with me and I was choked to see shots of them cupping these tiny little creatures in their hands. Great opportunity missed.

The beach volleyball was back in full swing. As I watched the level of play far exceed my skill set I happily opted out and took to the water where Greg and Ty had rented a couple surfboards. Today was the first day there was any swell able to push a board and the guys took full advantage. With the only two boards on continual reserve they supplemented the action with boogie boards to keep everyone going.

And of course there was swimming. Swimming for everyone. Swimming for volleyball half-time, swimming for the next surfer in line, and even swimming for Delma! Who went a full two weeks in Colombia without dipping a toe in the ocean. To round out the activities there’s always cocktails and cervezas. A legitimate six, seven count.


Your everyday bucket of baby sea turtles. 


Getting ready for the release.


Setting the turtles free.


One final night in Mexico calls for margaritas and Mexican cuisine.




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