Five Golden Moments

(Playa Mita Iberostar Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

On the fifth day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, five golden moments.

In chronological order here are my golden moments of the day:

One. Reading my book on our balcony watching the sunrise bloom into another gorgeous day. A book brought down for me by Greg’s Dad, Doug. Doug keeps me in supply of good reads whenever he has the opportunity, and books don’t even begin to touch the awesome things Doug and Delma packed down to Mexico for us. Sanders to syrup, waterproof cameras to mouth-watering jelly bellys. They go home a lot lighter, and we head back to Oceanna extremely appreciative of how helpful they are.

Two. Hearing Steve tell me that maybe I should just stand in the back corner and he’d cover my volleyball position. Yup, never been a star volleyball player, and am very grateful that Steve was willing to pick up the slack in today’s beach match.

Three. Seeing the customary Stephen-Gregory wrestling fight. I think it’s some law of nature that goes into effect whenever these two brothers are within, say, 5km of one another. Once in contact they will scrap, and Greg will insist to me that he won while nursing some pathetic injury for the next 3-10 days.

Four. Discovering champagne is an acceptable drink choice at any and all of the bars in the resort. Champagne served in a proper champagne flute even! No need to drink it out of a mason jar here.

Five. Sharing a delicious onion flower with Mary at yet another family dinner. Tonight we went to the Steakhouse and Gregory’s home-plate sized steak, combined with his rib and sausage breakfasts must surely be making up for any lack of red meat on board Oceanna.


An ocean view of the resort.


Pool Haze


Golden Moment Numero Three in action.


Golden Moment Numero Four.


Not the easiest kid to snap a photo of.



  1. More great pictures, and yes, very nice teeth!
    What book were you reading that Doug brought?
    Some really good books that I’ve read lately are 3 by Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, and Dark Places, also The Book Thief (Mark Zusak) and Between Shades of Gray (Ruta Sepetys).
    Oh, and I just finished Adrift – too upsetting to read all at once!

    1. It was a book called All Seeing Eye. Dont remember the author. Feel free to bring a good book or two down for Oceanna when you come. 19 days and counting!

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