Four Rounds of Crib

(Playa Mita Iberostar Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

On the fourth day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, four people around a crib board.

Although crib was just one of the many games played today, it was certainly my favourite. Perhaps it’s the Saskatchewan girl in me, but I think it has more to do with my fond memories of playing with my Grandpa. My Grandpa was a cheat and a crook so I know he was laughing his ass off as I played Nicole’s Dad, Danny, and his friends for 500 pesos a game. I think those fine gentlemen even subscribed to the same playing strategy that my Grandpa used to – let her win a couple to get her hopes up, then when she thinks she’s on a roll, skunk her and take all your money back. It was wonderful.

Other games played today: Chess, Ping Pong, Beer Pong, Horseshoes, and Water Polo. While Iberostar’s chess board advocated full contact, I think the most physical game of the day went to the polo. I believe the rule “underwater punches are allowed” was set early and adhered to throughout the match.


Where the magic happens. Then doesn’t happen and I lose all my winnings.


Game day begun in the rain. We were determined on a good time.


I believe Ty was the only one present in this match who knew the rules of crib. Ha.


Let the pong begin.


I seem to recall the losers’ excuse of cups being too small.


Pong at it’s finest.


Unless of course you’re watching these ladies.


Or these ones. True ping pong champions.


These two look like a couple of amateurs.


Next on the games list. Horseshoes.


And more horseshoes.


How do you think Greg’s game day is going?


I think we’re having a good time too.


Break out the beanies and give the boys a ball!


Water polo is in session.


There’s even a cheering section.


Splish Splash



I’m pretty sure there’s a ball in the midst of all this, but one can’t be too sure.


Happy to be outside the “underwater punching allowed” zone.


I wonder if they know they’re on the same team?


A picture for the ages.


We saw a many of sunsets at the pool. And this one we were able to capture with the majority of us in the frame.


Another dinner out. Tonight Gourmet.


I guess they clean up alright!



  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Love the stories and the photos from the wedding. Missed the event as we are in Maui. Just wanted to wish Greg a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 26th. Judy and Ken

    1. Thanks for the birthday cheers!

  2. Glenn Wilton · · Reply

    Looks like you are having a great time! I too love Mexico esp Cozumel. By the way nice teeth!
    Mr Wilton

    1. Mr Wilton! We just had Sarah Schmidt and Melissa VanDeKerckhove visiting and your name came up in conversation. (No doubt it was a conversation regarding our favourite teacher.) Then a comment from you pops up! Your ears must have been burning?! Great to hear from you.

  3. Glenn Wilton · · Reply

    Well what a small world! I’ll always remember Mrlissa getting 100 ‘s on my bio exams. No wonder she was a fav student! I envy you and best of luck.

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