Three Evans Ladies

(Playa Mita Iberostar Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

On the third day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, three Evans ladies!

Rain came today, dashing our hopes of yet a third consecutive pool day. Not to worry, much can still be accomplished in a place like this. Like Uncle Greg and Dax finding all sorts of entertainment from a simple roof eavsetrough. It was hard to tell who was having more fun – the trickster “adult” coaxing the toddler under the overflowing rain gutter, or the young, impressionable child happily soaking himself head to toe. Regardless it was smiles and giggles all around.

With the pool off the table a big group of us headed into the nearby surf town Sayulita to check out its offerings. Things found; surf, Mexican handicrafts, and cervezas. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Once back at the resort we had a family dinner to get to. A Japanese/earlyChristmascausewewon’tgettoseeyou/here’syourweddingpresent kind of family dinner. The Japanese part of dinner was impressive and entertaining as we watched the Teppanyaki chef chop, flame, and flip our meals onto our plates. When it came time for Greg and I to give out our Christmas gifts we were just as excited as the receivers. I’d love to show a picture or explain what we gave our favourite Evans’, but our gift-crafting imagination and skill sets only go so far and we will be giving the Foy’s the very same things! So let’s just wait. I will say, Greg’s wedding present to Stephen and Nicole is the most beautiful wind chime I have ever seen. All materials compliments of Santa Catalina beach!


Who needs a fancy kid’s pool when you have a rain shower and an eavestrough?!


Dave and Chelsey – blonde haired, blue-eyed beauties, as well as Dax’s parents.


Greggers and Brando scoping out board rentals in Sayulita.


Jessie and I roaming the streets.


Frosty margaritas in Sayulita.


Nicole and I, right before I ate her soup! Sorry again.


Dax and Uncle Greg in their matching Santa Catalina surf shirts.


The three lovely Evans ladies I’m very happy to have in my life. (Excuse the super cropped photo, trying my best to save the surprises!)


Stephen and Nicole’s wind chime.


  1. Little brother Quinn just came with us on Friday night out for supper to a Japanese place in Saskatoon where we enjoyed chopping and flipping and an incredible meal before we went to a John Fogerty concert – a totally awesome performance- all the great Creedence songs of 1969!!!
    And ahhhh, we said no Christmas gifts, and now this post says the Foys are getting gifts (gift-crafting, handcrafted? ) Now what do we do??

    1. Not to worry Mom. Think of the more as little “Oceanna” gifts. Not really Christmas gifts.

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