Mexico Day Two

(Playa Mita Iberostar Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

On the second day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, two ways in which to embarrass myself.

After day one’s success spent by the pool, it wasn’t a big surprise to find everyone back enjoying the hot Mexican sun. Oh, and perhaps a cocktail or two in our handy orange cups!

Less than 24 hours at this resort and I was already starting to choke on all the bad things I’d said about all-inclusives in the past. Last night’s supper was delicious, the staff was phenomenal, and the things to do were limitless. Or should I say, the things to embarrass yourself doing were completely available and were just such a good time!

On a trip back from the washroom I heard my name being called and found Delma, Jim, and Muff playing bingo. My mother went through a bingo obsession in my childhood – who knows maybe she’s still in it? – and we played bingo at seemingly every school function and family event. So I was certainly not going to turn down a chance to join in here. As the game was already in progress, Delma kindly offered me one of her cards and I set straight to losing terribly. A skill I have honed, as mentioned, since my childhood.

After bingo wrapped up, murmurs of Zumba wafted in with Nicole and all her lovely ladies. Before I knew it, we were all shaking what our Momma’s gave us, sweating it out, trying to keep up to our Latino instructor. No offence ladies, but we all know that guy could move his hips better than any of us! (Greg would like to inset here – his hips don’t lie.)


I’m going to go ahead and say there’s a couple of babes in this shot.


Volleyball fun.


Everyone including Dax man was at the pool party.


Action shot!


More pictures with Evans babes.


Dax and Grandpa loving the kids area.


Very happy losers! Ha.




Evans boys at supper.


Another amazing family dinner.


Ya, we’re happy to be here.


And Papp is happy to exchange your shirt!



  1. Happy birthday Greg and me. We’re on MoonPearl for the flotilla and fireworks at Wrightsville. Meno & Val will come up too. Zambelle do the fireworks and it moves the island. Boats will be decked out with big prizes for winners. Will be fun light and music show
    We’ll be in chetumall Mexico late Feb for diane’,s birthday. Climbing pyramids and drinking herradura.
    Ksea has done a bang up job of sharing your fun with those still in port. Rock on mates. Remember the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

    1. Happy Birthday to the both of you! We loved the flotilla when we got to see it last year. So a fun time. And such cool light shows to see. Have a blast in Mexico and hopefully you have a nicer winter than last year!! Sheesh I can still feel the cold!

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