The Eight Days of Mexico

(Playa Mita Iberostar Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

On the first day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, one group of friendly faces in a beautiful resort!

Cruising life comes with a lot of perks. Ocean front property wherever you are, paradise in your backyard, and sunsets and sunrises that insist you believe in a greater good. Not to mention the fishing, the sailing, and the surfing. Life on Oceanna is pretty sweet. I will admit though, it lacks one thing in particular. And that thing is pretty darn big and pretty damn important to me. It lacks the closeness and camaraderie of family and friends.

So while I was very much looking forward to a week in a posh resort in Mexico, I was more looking forward to the family and friends that would be in that resort. And boy was I not let down. The Evans family is one of the most kind and excepting families I know, and it’s no coincidence that there friends are the same.

Regardless if I knew everyone to start off, it was pretty easy to decipher who you were supposed to know. The bride and groom, Stephen and Nicole, had brought everyone their very own cooler cup for chilled drinks by the pool. Bright orange cups! When you were looking for a friendly face, you didn’t have to look far to find the “orange wave” taking over the resort!


Next stop Mexico!


When in Rome! Everyone is excited to be in Mexico!


Our beautiful resort.


The upcoming Bride and Groom with Doug and Delma sporting the orange cups!


One might dislike having the kids play area outside their balcony, I loved the noise! The falling water almost matched the boat noises of home. Plus, who could dislike that view!


Here they are! The Evans Bros all in one frame.



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  1. We feel the same about you Kaycee–you are already part of our family and we love you–Greg has picked a winner!!

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