Halloween Bats and Panama Stamps

(Boca Chica, Panama)

Oh my goodness I was too busy ranting about Panamanian clearance costs yesterday that I forgot to mention the best/worst thing. To properly ring in Halloween – and to add to my irrational bird fear – we had bats swooping IN to the boat last night.

The double sliding doors that separate the cockpit from the salon on Oceanna are locked in the open position at all times. Last night as we were watching a movie it was no different. Except last night, we started to notice a shadowy figure swooping in. To be honest Greg noticed it first and I chalked it up to his overactive imagination.

Eventually Gregory went to bed and left me with my denial upstairs. A denial I all too soon came face to face with as it continually swooped in leaving me no doubt the doors needed to be closed! After I had screwed up enough courage I made the dash for our berth to inform Greg of our intruder and hoped he would do something about it. Oh he did something alright. He laughed in my face and told me I should have believed him in the first place.

I walked back upstairs bolstered by his told-you-so attitude and was met head to head with a dive-bombing bat. I screamed – as all good-natured humans would – and closed the door behind its departure. As it happens, we now have a new nightly ritual for Boca Chica anchorage. Close the doors.

This morning in good Central American form the immigration officers showed up at 9:05 am for our 8 am meeting and charged us double the cost they quoted us the day before. Regardless, a truck-hood meeting and about 80 stamps later we are officially checked out of Panama. Costa Rica here we come.



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