Magical Surf and an Oceanna Photoshoot

(Boca Chica, Panama)

Today started off the way mornings here on Oceanna have been starting off. With Gregory heading out to catch the morning swell. Now he always returns enthusiastic. There may be a new bruise on the body or a new ding to the board, but the guy is always positive and entirely stoked on the past hours he spent catching waves. To say he was enthusiastic, or entirely stoked about this morning’s surf session would be a gross understatement. He came back absolutely beaming using words like magical and professing his love for the ocean. Here’s, in Greg’s words, what he wrote to a friend about it all:

today I literally had the best surf of my life, by myself aaaaa mental is all I can say, this morning got out around 6:15ish to the surf break, on this small island with nothing around, anchored the dinghy, paddled into the line up not a soul in sight and fucking BOOOM a huge humpback whale smashes out of the water about 100 meters from me then again about 5 more times, big set rolls in get shacked flick out of the wave happier then a pig in shit haha, paddling back out then this flipping wide clean up set comes through and I was lucky enough so it didn’t kill me, and I get into the second one for probably the best wave I have ever had in my life seriously insane…”

Now Gregory isn’t what you’d call a religious guy, though that, for him, may just be a full-blown religious experience.

To round out the top shelf day we sailed over to Boca Chica in the type of conditions we wish everyone could experience. (Especially you Delma!) Never ending blue skies accessorized with fluffy, white clouds. Calm, flat water perfect for skimming across, with a light wind blowing full the sails. Absolutely wonderful. So great we were finally able to do something we’ve always wanted to do.

Not very often, never really, do you get a chance to get photos of your own boat under sail. It’s just not that feasible, as one should be ON their boat when it’s sailing. And if you are lucky enough to be buddy-boating it’s easier said than done to stay within photo-snapping range. So today we launched the dinghy underway and Greg-the-paparazzo took off to shoot his girl.

As I threw back the dinghy line and Greg was left to watch me and Oceanna sail away his awe and excitement were painted clear on his face. I believe his words were, “WHOOOAAA, this is a trip!! This is sooo cool!” Followed up by the sincerest, “You have to see this!”. Which I wisely ignored.


Headed out for round two of the magical surfing.


I came for documenting purposes.


The surf break called P-Land at Isla Silva de Afuera. Look close, there’s Gregory catching a wave.


Peeling sets rolling in. Greg’s in there somewhere.


Gregory superman-ing out and over the top!


There she goes!










  1. Absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to get there!!…

  2. Those are “postcard pictures” of of a beautiful boat! Really awesome!

  3. Sarah G. "Stu" Schmidt · · Reply

    DON’T WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE. 3 f-ing sleeps.

  4. […] sat back, took a deep breath, and acknowledged that the dream has been realized. Gregory had his religious experience at P-Lan in Panama where Oceanna was anchored off the back of a small remote island, while he […]

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