Pacific Bliss

(Isla Silva de Afuera, Panama)

So this morning we really did leave. Destination Isla Silva. A tiny spec on our charts that represented a beautiful little island with near 360 degrees of peeling waves.

The sail over was 50 nautical miles. Almost ten hours of blue skies, calm seas, and completely serene motor-sailing. I loved our time in the Caribbean, but the Pacific has stolen my heart. It’s ruggedness and large tidal changes lend to it a sense of continual change. Coupled with its apparent desertedness, you feel like you’ve either stepped back about 100 years or are pleasantly trapped in a National Geographic documentary.

Once we set anchor at Isla Silva it wasn’t long before we were dinghy down, board in, and gone exploring the island. Around the first corner we spotted what had to be the break called Leftovers as further up along the windward side of the island the big break was crashing.  The big break being P-Land – a fast, scary, hollow, mental, flat-top reef break. (note: those wave adjectives are compliments of G Fresh.) With an evening shred in the books, another picture perfect Pacific day was complete.


One last burning sunrise at Santa Catalina.


Blue sky haze as we motor on.


Up with the main! With all our upcoming visitors I think we’ll be able to pull this baby right to the top without the winch to finish it off.


And the jib where all the power lies. Check out that one armed, left-handed winch work. Maybe I was on the easier gear, maybe I wasn’t. I will never tell.


A shot of last nights damage. One hole for the gun, one gash for the Greg.


The only thing this fishing boat is catching is birds.


Fishing lure arts and crafts is certainly in session.


It’s spotted mackerel for lunch!



  1. Rock on you two. We are all impressed. I’ll get a note out by our birthday.

  2. Chris Massanari · · Reply

    Fire season ends in 10 days…I want to come sail, surf, help the cause…I can provide respectful effort that will yield rewards of an adventure…yew… Email me if oceana’s crew has availability for one extra in the next month or two…

    1. Hey Chris, I’ll get Greg on that email.

  3. Chris Massanari · · Reply

    U guys are absolutely killin it!!!!!!

    1. Why thank you Chris!

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