oceannatheboat Turns One

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

Well the surf arrived, but with it came an angry wind. A friend and fellow cruiser calls it “Victory at Sea”. Meaning us of the human variety need to bow out and concede victory to Poseidon and his waters. That didn’t stop the boys from surfing though. 5:30 am chimed and Greg was gone hunting the perfect ride. He came back reporting grande bombs with messy cross-shore winds.

And in true form we spent the remainder of the day accidentally celebrating, on the correct day, our one year anniversary of this awesome adventure. Today marks 365 days of gainful unemployment for the both of us! Not much to say other than we are extremely happy, and extremely grateful for the life we’ve been able to build for ourselves.

This blog isn’t home to much sap, at least I don’t intend it to be, but I must say that none of this would be possible without the incredible dream and unstoppable drive of one Gregory Evans. Gregory, everyday you cease to amaze me with your ability to make anything happen. I know I give you a lot of grief – what would you do without it? – but just so you know, you’re awesome.


To commemorate our big day we went out for an amazing Panamanian meal, Balboas, and sweet, sweet icecream. An entire date totalling a whopping $20. Not too shabby. Somehow I even swindled Gregory into playing some cards with me back at the boat.

Here’s to at least a couple more anniversaries aboard Oceanna and the bank accounts being able to hold out just long enough!




Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 8.43.31 AM

Top notch bathroom murals at our favourite restaurant in Santa Catalina.



Greg having what I can only assume is a rousing conversation in the bar parking lot while he finishes off his icecream.


Big swell makes the dingy landing an adventure alright!



  1. Congratulations you two!!!Happy and Excited for you!!Continue on with your great adventure!!

  2. Miek Loch · · Reply

    Kaycee ande Greg Happy one year on the boat…. Keep er going….

    Mick Wilmington Marine Center

    1. Thanks Mick. How are things going there? Keeping Logan and Caroline on the straight and narrow there? Miss you all.

  3. Grrrrs! Love this Blog, I read it constantly. Kaycee, you’re a true wordsmith. Give your bro a big hug and send my congratulations on his big day. I’ll keep following your travels and hopefully meet you somewhere sometime soon so I can use my sailing training from grade 6.
    My whole family reads up on you guys, so rad.

    1. Hey Al. Thanks so much for keeping up with us! It means a lot that there’s a couple people out there reading this. Ha. With your Grade 6 training you’d be better qualified than us!

  4. Congrats you guys!! What an adventure, keep it up!

    1. Thanks Erin! Lots more to go. Stay tuned…. ha.

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