The Boat that Cried Surf

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

We’ve now been in Santa Catalina for 13 days. A relatively long period of time for our nomad ways that has passed by in the blink of an eye. (Believe me, I had to look it up on a calendar.) It’s not hard to remember where all that time has gone, the activities aren’t that varied. It is hard though, to come up with any pictorial representation of our days spent. Number one reason being, cameras and water don’t mix. We’ve tried. We’ve failed.

So with the numero uno activity being surf, I have no pictures of said activity to post. Leaving me to feel like the boat that cried wolf. I mean surf.

The good news is, Gregory’s birthday is coming up and his awesome parents are gifting him a waterproof camera! This way we’ll have a handy, durable means to snap photos of me getting washed out by yet another wave, and Gregory shredding in his effortless way. (Until it’s not effortless and then his bails are ten times better than mine.)

I guess till then know that Gregory has worked the entire quiver through La Punta, the point break here at Santa Catalina. Even taking the paddle board out on a relatively small day. And I have far exceeded any previous surfing skills I possessed (read: none) and am consistently catching waves on the far friendlier beach break nearby. I have the hip bruises to back up my paddling prowess, but they’re nothing anyone wants to see.


Waxing up yet another board.


This one too. The waves are getting bigger so out comes the gun!


Gregory’s post-surf pollo.


A glowing sunset peaking around Isla Santa Catalina.


The Singer is out and in action! Among other things it’s been incredibly useful sewing up the blown out boardies of G Fresh.


Mother Nature, you do good work.


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