The Final Results and The Ding Doc

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

Today’s the day we had to say goodbye to Mo. We packed her up and shipped her off on the 8am bus, and then I fell into a mild depression. It could have been a result of losing a great friend and partner in crime aboard Oceanna, or it may be due to the final score of The First Annual Panama Cribbage Invitational. I’m just going to come right out with it and say it. Mo beat me 19 games to 12. I did make a big comeback saving myself from truly disastrous defeat I might add. My Grandpa Murray is no doubt laughing at my inferior crib skills, I counter with this: Mo is the Grade 6 Cribbage Champion. She told me so. Every time she skunked me.

While I was mourning my losses, Greg turned Oceanna into surfboard repair central. Dents and dings have begun to run rampant through the onboard quiver. I’ll fess up to a couple of cracks I bestowed upon the paddle board via Marie, a little second-hand damage came in our newly acquired boards from our South African friends, and Greggy is guilty of a few dings himself. Nevertheless, where there’s a will there’s a way. Actually, where there’s epoxy there’s a way. Greg cleaned, prepped, epoxied, sanded, epoxied and sanded again, and voila they are all just like new! You’d think he was working towards some Handiest and Handsomest Award or something…


The sad, sad results.


Prepping board #1.


and board #2


here’s board #3


then board #4


and of course here comes a rain storm


so the board repair shop moved inside.


In lieu of icecream on board, may I present the next best thing. No scratch that. The BETTER thing. Frozen bananas. Throw them in the blender, add some cocoa mix, and shablam! Chocolate icecream.



One comment

  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting for these results to be posted!! I’m sure when you get to be as old as Maria Piña MOCean that you too will become a Crib Champion!! :)=. Until the next one wee Kitten. Smooches. Miss ya.

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