Panama Thanksgiving

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

With no turkeys in sight we spent this Thanksgiving with the wonderful things we’ve got. A year ago today we enjoyed a beautiful dinner at my relatives in Saskatoon, no doubt trying to convince a couple Great Aunts that we were in fact going to sail around the world. And here we are today anchored at a little surf town on the Pacific coast of Panama. Who da thunk?

Since we’ve enjoyed the sun, surf, and sand of Santa Catalina it was time we went in and checked out the town. Greg has actually been here before years ago with his friend Broomer and Broomer’s van he drove down from Canada. Greg was surprised to find the mud street they got stuck on is now a beautifully paved road. One we happily strolled checking out the sights. There’s no shortage of restaurants, hostels, and shops in Santa Catalina, unfortunately it’s the off-season and the majority of them are closed. Or operating on Panama time, which means the store hours posted on a broken surfboard outside the door are a mere decorative suggestion.

We did stumble across some surfer boys Greg had previously met out on the break and made a date to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving on Oceanna tonight. Kiwis, Germans, Aussies, Americans all welcome. Canadian tuxedos optional.

In lieu of a Thanksgiving day feast we found a poolside restaurant  with an awesome view of the water to share a meal. Greg, me, and our favourite guest Mo. There wasn’t any cranberry sauce, but I’d say it was just right.

Back on Oceanna the festivities were on point and sweet new friends were made.


If you look closely you can make out the dinghy and Greg anchoring it out off the tidal beach.



Strolling down to our Thanksgiving lunch locale.


Thanksgiving day photo shoot. An awesome shot of me and Mo!


Kaycee J Fly and Greggy Fresh.


We took the beach on the way back to the dinghy.


The island on the far left is Isla Santa Catalina where Oceanna is anchored.


The parking enforcement at Wahoo Rock.


I must admit the First Annual Panama Cribbage Invitational is turning into a runaway. I refuse to disclose who is taking the considerable lead. I will say I was happy to switch to Rummy for a couple hands.


Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations aboard Oceanna.


It ain’t a Oceanna party till it moves to the tramp!



Greg was happy to have friends keen to bust out his new hooka!



The amazing equipment manager Gregory putting the paddle boards away after Joshua and I had a race to the beach and back. The bioluminescence beading across the boards were like something out of Avatar.


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