Bienvenidos Santa Catalina

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

As the sun rose this morning our destination came into sight. Isla Santa Catalina anchorage and her duly named point break. After the rodeo anchorage that was Benoa, to come around the leeward side of Isla Santa Catalina and see a calm, sunsoaked anchorage was more than reason enough to celebration. The fact that it was lined with a beautiful white sand beach was reason to bust out the Wiwosas.

Wiwosa (Copyright 2014 MOcean & KSea) – Oceanna’s cruising take on the mimosa. One part orange juice, one part white wine. Or really any part way you like it.

Fueled by Wiwosas and sunshine we took on the day with exuberance. Feeling like we had finally arrived. Two overnight passages under her belt, Oceanna enjoyed quick rub down. With flat waters beneath her, Mo mastered the paddle board. Since a lengthy lull from the Bahamas, I finally started adding to my sea glass collection again. And G Fresh went and scoped the swell. All was well in the world.

Later at high tide (the ideal surf time for this break), not knowing a safe place to beach/anchor the dinghy, my newfound dinghy skills were called into play. I dropped Greg off at the break, and picked up a very happy guy hours later. In his eloquent way here’s what he experienced,”It was f**king firing! Left me flogging a bit as I sussed out the break and the crew. Nice, solid Pacific sets.”


The final stretch and vista into Santa Catalina.


Paddle boarding into the beach.


Mo heeding the Boat Memo and carrying her board well up the beach.


I got the same memo.

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 4.22.00 PM

Not the best shot but the beach was covered in hermit crabs. The whole beach was crawling.


Beach combing for sea glass.


Beach scores.


A view of the anchorage.


Oceanna’s very first nachos. Soooo worth the wait.


Greg gone wave scoping.

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