Almost Tacking

(Underway – Panamanian Pacific Coast)

Lord love a duck. (Mo’s starting to rub off on me!)

Today we may have made a very large error in judgement. Today we went against a cardinal rule of sailing – rules being based on sailing superstition – and began a passage on a Friday.

I recently read a fascinating book on the American Navy and even they would postpone large fleet operations until 12:01am on Saturday morning to avoid the infamous bad luck. Unfortunately, we did not consult our calendar until we were well into our voyage. 20 miles out we had messy-choppy seas, stormy-squall action, and tacking to boot.

When we hit the corn deer in Ohio, with the Yota, I thought we’d possibly levelled out any long-standing bad karma. Maybe not the case? I’m not sure what cosmic forces are working against us, but wherever we are, whichever way we go, there’s the wind blowing right on our nose. As we started calculating the required amount of tacks to get us where we wanted to be I started having flashbacks of our 18 hour tack along the coast of Haiti. Safety is not the issue in this situation. Oceanna can more than handle it, and Greg and I have the system beat. It’s a mental thing. When you’re headed for a point straight ahead, it’s mind crushing to have to travel at large angles to your destination. Zig-zagging, and more than tripling the distance, does nothing for morale.

Luckily, after a large tack away from land our second tack back inland saw a big shift in the wind direction and we were able to ditch the tacking idea.  Pfweff. The night turned out to be quite pleasant with favourable winds for motor-sailing and lots of ship traffic to keep you awake and alert.


Gregory’s nigh time photography. He obviously didn’t have same ships I did to keep him entertained. The moon usually lights up the night like crazy. We have pretty heavy cloud cover these last couple passages though. No stars in a snowglobe effect to ogle at.

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