Boat Memos

(Benao, Panama)

In an effort to minimize bickering on board, we’ve implemented the “Boat Memo”. A calm, blame-free way to essentially tell the other person they’re effing up. A light sampling of memos to date:

– Please walk the swim ladder all the way up refraining from dropping it on the back steps. Thanks! (Read: Kaycee if you drop that ladder one more time you’re going to be fish food.)

– Night time showers are mandatory for at least three days following putting freshly laundered bedsheets on. Sweet dreams! (Read: Greg I refuse to sleep in what can only be described as a hockey bag, if you don’t shower kindly find yourself somewhere else to sleep.)

– When you are done using the stove be sure to turn off the solenoid switch. Cheers! (Read: Mo we’re keen not to burn the boat down, hit the switch.)

And most recently:

– Just a reminder tides can reach up to 15 feet here on the Pacific. When leaving boards on the beach carry them well past the high tide line for safety. Ciao! (Read: Oi ya dense chicas, I just saved $3000 worth of boards from washing away. Next time take the boards up to where you think they’re good, then go another 50 flipping feet!)

I think they’re working…


A happy guy paddling home from a surf sesh.


I’m going to frame this one.

One comment

  1. Well done! Keep up on the positive post-its!

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