Dolphin Escort and A Beach Break

(Benao, Panama)

With the squall dodging behind us, this morning we were ushered into our anchorage by our very own pod of dolphins! Three large bottlenose dolphins were playing in our bows with a fourth keeping a safe distance. After what I can only imagine was an appropriate sussing out period the fourth made its way over to show us her secret. Cruising along beside momma was a little baby dolphin! Now I get infants of any species are basically miniature replicas of the adult version, but to see this baby pumping away by its mother was such a treat. A perfect, tiny dolphin.

We made the move to Benao for two reasons. One, there is some nasty weather blowing in from the south that would have stuck us up in Bona for the next week. An area with not a lot happening and we are more than keen to get going along this Pacific coast of Panama. And two, not very surprising, Benao has surf.

With the anchor down (in a relatively rough harbour due to the season’s uncharacteristic southern breeze) Greg eyed the mushy, messy, beach break. Nothing to write home about, but there is was. Our first Pacific surf. Night shifting fatigue aside, boards were in the water and Greg was gone to catch his waves.


Our dolphin escort.


Mo mastering the SUP.


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