Casco Viejo

(La Playita, Panama City, Panama)

With Greg’s big parts round-up complete yesterday, he had multiple projects ready for completion today. Greg is the first to admit he is a one-man working operation. He prefers to be alone, and even more prefers if you’re out of the flipping way. So while I feel bad that I’m not exactly 50/50 on my boat maintenance duties, there’s not really any room for me there.

Another known trait of Gregory’s is that he’s not keen to wander. Whereas I’m actually quite proficient at it. So with Greg banging out the tasks at home, Mo and I made our way down to Casco Viejo (Old City) to meander our way through the historical streets.

While the architecture and atmosphere was stunning to ramble through, we really were a duo on a mission. After over six months cruising I had a insatiable craving that needed to be met. I was on the hunt for a draft beer. Any beer, as long as it came out of a tap. And Mo was more than happy to accompany me. We saw beautiful crumbling churches, sifted through crafty souvenirs, scoped thought-provoking graffiti, and to my severe delight, found one shining tap pouring delicious amber ale.

Back at the boat Greg had the auto pilot reinstalled and needed a quick hand recalibrating it. All in all, today was a successful day.


Gregory the Master Degreaser. With these 6 jugs we just doubled our motoring range. Next stop, the South Pacific.


The most Spanish Mo could translate for me was each colour stood for something different.


I loved these streets.


Beautiful architecture around every corner.





Margaritas and swings.


I think all bars should have swings.



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