MeMo vs The Dinghy

(La Playita, Panama City, Panama)

Alright, I’m about to confess a personal failure of mine that I’m not proud of. I can not start the dinghy engine. Alright I can, but not with any sort of confidence or consistency. Therefore, when Greg ran into town this morning and I dropped him off, the pressure was on for me to be able to start it later in the day.

Now I refuse to be labelled a weak, little girl. We do have a 30 hp engine and due to Greg’s passionate love for the dinghy I rarely have the opportunity to start it anyways. Mo and I didn’t end up leaving the boat, so when the call came in that Greg was back on the dock it was time to spring into action. Boy oh boy did we spring, but the action eluded us. We pulled, we choked, we tugged, we primed, we sweat, and we swore. All to no avail. If someone would have been watching they sure would have been in for a show. We did not give up though. Eventually we mastered some unknown combination of starting tricks and the engine roared to life! I have scarcely felt more accomplished. We high-fived and limited our victory party to hoots and hollas as we flew in to collect Greg. He had been waiting 20 minutes…


Greg walking in the wrong part of town again.


The extremely impressive Mercado de Abastos. A huge fresh produce market in Panama City.


Gregory pretty impressed with himself that he found the 5 gallon empty vegetable oil containers he was hunting for. Hello $1 jerry cans!


The brand new Museo de Biodiversity that recently opened out on the causeway. Greg had a comment about drunken iron workers, but I think it’s pretty.


The bits and bobs that make up our auto pilot. Tuned up and ready to be reinstalled.

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  1. Dies Elondadeck · · Reply

    $1 Jerry Cans. Hahahaha. What a cruiser move… ass Canadian.

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