Mo! and The Screw You Building

(La Playita, Panama City, Panama)

Aunt Mo is here!! Now she’s not really my Aunt, but that’s completely beside the point. She’s a great friend. I’m over the moon that she’s here, and I can’t wait for her and Greg to inevitably bond and begin picking on me endlessly. I’ve said it here first. It will happen.

This morning Greg and I both set out; me to pick up Mo and Greg to continue running our errands. Our taxi driver was a real prize. An old Panamanian who had spent 11 years in LA. As we drove past the Old City and downtown towards the Business District he began pointing out the local attractions. There was the bustling fish market, the long sprawling pedestrian seawall, and the cityscape-defining “screw you” building. Ha. He loved pointing this out. The intriguing, glass building really does look like a screw now that we’re party to the local gossip.


The 390 foot luxury motor yacht “A” passed by our anchorage this morning. Check out what a rumoured $300 million can buy here:


Mo’s here and it’s like Christmas has come early. It’s always such a treat to have visitors bring us treats of all varieties. Thanks Mo!


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