Making Our Way to the Flats

(The Flats, Colon Harbour, Panama)

A bird memo must have went out that we were giving free rides, because today we had a Booby on the boat. At least that’s what kind of bird I’m calling it because it’s just fun to say.

Today we were headed into the large commercial port of Colon. Cristobal Port. The northern gateway to the Panama Canal. The leaves are changing colour and it’s time for us to get to the Pacific. (Obviously fall isn’t happening down here but the sentiment gives me the warm and fuzzies so I’m using it regardless of context.)

The first step in transiting the Canal Greg did days ago by registering Oceanna in the Panama Canal database. Next step is the admeasurement. Officially, this is “the process of determining the tonnage of the vessel”. Unofficially, it’s a visit from a Canal official to fill out some paperwork and visually size up your boat prior to transit.

We’re schedule to have our admeasurement tomorrow and for that we have to be anchored in The Flats. The Flats is a designated area in the busy port for small boats and yachts. It’s a pleasant enough anchorage as far as commercial ports go. Lined by yellow buoys we had a calm night except for when the wakes of the huge ships rolled by and set us to rocking.


There’s a booby on the bow.


The fleet of ships anchored outside the port breakwater waiting for the turn.


If my brother Kyran reads this, this photo is for you. The ship’s name was Grain Pearl and we thought of you.


G Fresh looking out at the port sporting his new haircut compliments of Kaycee’s underway salon.


A wobbly panorama as we entered Cristobal Port.


Do you see the catamaran in this picture? It’s plastic wrapped sitting on the back of this ship with about three or four other motor yachts. That’s how small we are to the big ships. Insignificant enough to shove in the back corner.


  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Great to hear from you again. Love the photos and all the stories. Not sure about the monkeys but can really see Greg being “buddies” with them! We look forward to your Panama Canal transit and will follow along with you and remember back to our trip in the opposite direction in 2005 on board the “Coral Princess”.

    Judy and Ken

    1. Good to hear from you too! I have every intention of keeping the blog up to date, but it can sure get away from me. Thanks for keep on coming back. We think the Panama Canal should be pretty cool. Two sleeps to go! Then it’s time for the Pacific.

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