Portobello Escapades

(Portobello, Panama)

Yesterday was rainy and grey. After replacing the water impeller in the starboard engine the night before it still wasn’t pumping out water. Upon further investigation in the morning Greg learned that the raw water pump needs to be primed from above to get it working again. Chalk that up to insider tricks we’re now party to.

Today was about checking out what Portobello had to offer. Back in the Spanish colonial period, Portobello was a main hub for transferring riches back to Spain. Up until the mid 18th century tons of gold and silver flowed from this port. The old forts still stand as a testament to the once very important bay. Forts that are just waiting to be explored by those willing to hike up to them. And that we did. The tippity top.

After our morning of assessing the cannons the rest of the day was spent setting up Silicon Valley at Jack’s with his free wifi. As the refreshments began to add up, we broke for pizza, backpack vodka, and a travelling Brazilian road show. If the ability to be the chosen volunteer for performers was a marketable trait I’d totally list it on my resume. It all happened in a blur of spandex and Spanish, but I can proudly boast having peddled a 12 foot tricycle around a church square.

When a good night gets going you can always count on a party on Oceanna. And this night we were happy to have some new backpacker friends aboard.


Joana and the misty hills. Nothing but grey skies and rain today.


The picture doesn’t do it justice, but this is a Church – which had a service on this evening – with a neon sign. We almost expected the pounding beats of techno not the calm whispers of hymns and praise.


A line of cannons on the lower fort.


A view out of Portobello Bay with the lower and middle forts in sight.


Niko leading the charge to the upper fort.


A shot looking out over the anchorage.


The upper fort, as seen through Maria’s sweet photo taking skills and rad edit.


The Brazilian Road Show.


I’m sure my mother told me something about fanny pack wearing men in yellow tights…


The victory lap.


Eric Bauhaus could use this as a marketing photo for his book for sure.


Cathy sums it all up!


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