A Lighthouse, A Margarita, And A Mojito

(Isla Linton, Panama)

Where we going? Higher!

Those not from Saskatchewan may miss out on that one. Regardless, that was my answer when posed the questioned today.

A group of us ventured in to check out Isla Grande this afternoon. After we spotted Black Jesus and eyed up the small swell at the Island’s famous surf spot, we continued along the island perimeter trail and were soon met with the trail disappearing up into the trees.

Question. Answer. Up we went. And boy were we rewarded.

Atop the trail stood a rusty, old, abandoned lighthouse. With its fence and entry door wide open. Inviting roaming cruisers to test their luck climbing to the top. The staircase spiralled endlessly up and my knees began to lose a little of their sturdiness. I am not afraid of heights, but with five of us at the top of the old rust-bucket feeling it sway in the wind, I was not keen to have a dance party. That being said, the 360 panoramic view was totally worth it.

Once back on lower ground it was time to reap the rewards of our uphill hike. We were out of the San Blas, back to “civilization”, and had passed a bar slinging frozen margaritas! I doubt a margarita has ever tasted better.

What does taste better, is a mojito ordered anywhere except from the Reggae Bar on Isla Grande. My mistake. I know. Somehow I just didn’t know you could muddle up adding a sprite like beverage to Bacardi’s Mojito mix. I was wrong. Next time stick to the margaritas Kaycee.


The local pangas docked with Black Jesus in the background.


And we shall call it “Monkey-No-Climb” and it shall be a grande tree.


Portal to the Sea.


The building at the base of the Lighthouse.


The lighthouse stairway.


And begins the lighthouse views.



Follow the water to the back of the photo, that’s the anchorage were Oceanna is sitting.










Mosaic work was obviously this establishment’s thing.


The drink menu at the Reggae bar.


It wasn’t hard finding the Reggae bar.


Supper back at Hans’ and the bats still preferred Brazil over every other country.

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