Free Ride Fernando

(Isla Linton, Panama)

Free Ride Fernando. This is the name I’ve given him, and he also has a strong latino accent when pleasantly berating me about the size inadequacy of my tree.

Of course I’m talking about the bird who flew right on into the salon while we were underway today.

Greg was trolling three fishing lines and I watched as this small coastal bird attempted to sit on the fluorescent yellow line. He failed and then failed again as the line obviously didn’t have the tension to hold him. Now I’m no bird lover, quite the opposite really, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for this little guy. As he continued to look for a place to rest I made the mistake of telling him he could set ‘er down on the dinghy. I shit you not, the moment the words came out of my mouth he made straight for it then kept going all the way until he was happily sitting on the rug in the salon.

Huh. There’s one way to do it.

Now we had a bird on the boat. We let him hang out on the rug for quite some time. Neither me or the bird making any sort of move. After awhile Greg attempted to coax him on to one of our paddles and he promptly flew up to the galley counter and tried to sit on a branch of the Bonsai. In comes Fernando’s taunts about the pathetic size of my tree as he fell off and sat in the corner.

In a Free Willy like moment Greg gently grabbed the bird and set him free back to the open skies. You’re welcome for the lift Fern Man.



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