The Final SB Days

(Yansaladup, San Blas, Panama)

We finally set a date to depart the amazing San Blas Islands. Not today – a Friday and notoriously known as bad luck to begin any passage – but tomorrow. For the last month we’ve said we were on our way out. There’s something about the San Blas though that keeps you here. We have friends that came for a month. That was two and half years ago.

Now that we’ve spent close to two months here it’s not hard to tell what keeps people around so long. The surroundings are painfully beautiful. The diving and fishing are mint. The surf CAN show up. It’s incredibly safe. The weather is more than friendly. And it’s all just so damn easy!! I’ll miss Haraldo’s veggie boat bringing the grocery store to me, but more I’ll miss all the great friends we’ve made here.

Luckily the cruiser community is always on the move and we’re making our way up the coast with at least four sets of friends in reach. That, and we plan to see many of them bobbing around the South Pacific next season.

Our final days were spent tricking out the freezer, finally finding culantro, and diving. Always with the diving. In true leaving form, Greg attempted to go out with a real bang. After a long, supportive chat with his Grandma Betty, Greg set out to spear himself a shark. Luckily, for the shark and probably more for Greg, he was not successful.


A final golden sunrise in Yansaladup anchorage.


Morning light on the mainland.


Stepping up the seal on the freezer. We did this weeks ago on the fridge and couldn’t believe the results.




The ever present snorkel ring.

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