Pipes and A Friendly Hello

(Yansaladup, San Blas, Panama)

In my mind I’m as wild and adventurous as Greg. In reality I lack a certain amount of testosterone, reckless abandon, and frankly, upper-body strength. Gregory regularly tows behind the boat when we’re underway – it’s his shower time. I, on the other hand, have not taken the leap. Until today.

Our final move around the San Blas Islands was in incredibly light winds and had us sailing at a snail’s pace of 3.5 knots. A towing speed half of Greg’s, but something I could certainly handle. I made the jump, and had pipes to spare to pull myself in.

Later when we picked up the pace and Greg was jumping in to rinse out his shampoo he let out a scream similar to a (small) child at a haunted house. As he went to step off the back a curious dolphin breached within high-five distance to say hello. Hello Mr Dolpin!


Hasta luego



This glowing sunset had me doing work! Snapping photos when I though it couldn’t be better. Than proving me wrong time and time again when I looked back.


Awesome cloud formations rolling off the mainland out towards the San Blas Islands.

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