Programming Note – Around the Site

(West Coco Bandero, San Blas, Panama)

Hola Senores y Senoritas. I just want to take a quick moment to point out some things around the blog.

Track Us – As we’re headed for the Panama Canal soon, our trackline will stop doing repetitive loops around the San Blas. For a real-time location of where we are, check out the “Track Us” link at the top right of the home page. This map and continuous trackline not only shows you where we are, but where we’ve been. Along with information about how fast we’re moving. This handy page is powered by our Delorme InReach. A small handheld GPS that allows us to stay connected when there is no internet connection available.

Twitter Feed – Along with sending continuous tracking points, our Delorme InReach GPS allows us to communicate when out to sea. We can send and receive texts for weather updates and let our Mom’s know we’re still floating. Although I was never a Twitter user I created an account for Oceanna, because we can send real-time updates to Twitter from the InReach too. On the site homepage you can see the Twitter feed on the right hand side. It is here that you’ll see “Underway and all is well” or breaking news on the latest fish at the end of our lines. It is also where you’d see an all too real SOS message should something go horribly wrong under passage. Let’s hope none of us ever have to see (or send!) that.

Fish – Greg’s consuming obsession with fish is getting so big it needs its on space. So voila! Click on the Fish Page on the top right hand side of the site home page and be taken to Greg’s Happy Place. Scroll your way through a scaly collage of Greg’s fishing escapades. Or click on a picture and take a frame by frame walk through the sea life. Feel free to leave comment or question and I’ll be sure to get the fisherman back to you.

Oceanna Events – Attention all family, friends, and groovy acquaintances. We’ve been at this cruising thing for going on six months now and the only visitors we’ve seen are both sets our adventurous parents. Oceanna is a big boat and her life style is too sweet not to share. So stop watching your mailbox for an invitation (it’s not coming) and book a flight already. On the right hand side of the home page I’ve added a feed called “Oceanna Events”. Here you will see any dates we have planned in the forseeable near future. Time to get your name there.

Check out the link to the video below. It’s a great compilation of greater times had over the last week in the Coco Banderos.

Coco Banderos Video – Courtesy of Maria

Until next time. Peace and hair grease.


Enough with all the sunsets. Check out the sunrise.


  1. KC its been a long time since you blogged… need some updates lol

  2. Sarah "Stu" G. Schmidt · · Reply

    Pencil us in for Mid November for TRIFECTA (+da boys) REUNION. Super stoked to come join in the fun. And let me know if you have a shopping list/ supplies desired we can bring down for you two.

    1. Can NOT wait to have you ladies (+gents). We’ll definitely wrangle up a wants and needs list closer to your arrival. Thanks for offering.

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