Tall Tales and Tall Masts

(West Coco Bandero, San Blas, Panama)

Oh the activities! Busted spear, clean laundry, whiplashed neck, and an anniversary celebration to top it off. If we chalk Greg’s fails up to entertaining hiccups we had a damn fine day here on Oceanna.

Greg’s morning spear was fuelled by his burning desire to bag one particular dog snapper that had been swimming around his dreams. Literally, he was dreaming about this fish. Unfortunately he returned with nothing more than another tall tale about the one that got away. The difference with this fish yarn is that it has tangible evidence to back it up. The story goes that the notorious snapper did meet its maker at the end of Greg’s spear, but it put up a great battle in what would not be its final act. With the spear through it, the snapper made a powerful dive through a coral tunnel pinning the spear on either side of the opening. The snapper dove down with enough force to snap the spear in two and made away with a new lease on life. Pure elation for the snapper, not so much joy for me. Now that the day is done, I can easily say that I heard this wearisome account at least 10 times. I can only imagine tomorrow will bring new gusto to the constant retelling.

Today we had a party to attend. We were celebrating Keith and Jamie’s 29th wedding anniversary. That’s more years than I’ve been alive! They definitely deserved a high-five. As we were loading up the dinghy to head in though, Greg had one thing he needed to get done.

For a week we have been anchored next to our friend’s aboard Joana. Joana is a great looking steel ketch from Canada, equipped with not one, but two crow’s nests. One in particular that has been calling Greg’s name. He swam over, climbed his way up, then paused to time himself to the rocking rhythm of Joana. After the customary launch countdown he backflipped himself out, over-rotated, and landed with a textbook display of whiplash. For the rest of the day, any of Greg’s movements involved the turning of his entire body. (I’d say this day was his better showing.)

The rest of us enjoyed a full range of motion for the wonderful anniversary celebration.


A broken spear to back up the story.


Laundry in paradise.


Climbing to the crow’s nest.


One for the money.


Two for the show.


Three to get ready….


Keith turning the pork. A celebration was cause for a pause in fish consumption.



When Greg splashed off of Joana, Niko immediately jumped in after him. For the rest of the day she could be found near by him making sure he was okay. Too sweet.



Niko’s glamour shots.


The happy couple and the amazing spread! Yes that’s peach cobbler. Thank you Kathy!



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  1. […] We were pretty sure Lisa had made the executive decision that we would be hiking back down the way we came, so we took our time jumping into the waterfall pool below. Greg, as can be expected, showed off some aerial tricks that were made pretty sketch by the incredibly slick launching points. His attempt to backflip from a full arm hang position off an overhanging tree branch ended only slightly less tragic than his backflip off Joana. […]

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