Macaroons and A Beach Smoker

(West Coco Bandero, San Blas, Panama)

A certain someone aboard Oceanna (whose name doesn’t start with a ‘K’) recently had a mild obsession with wielding a machete and we ended up with a surplus of coconuts. A surplus that isn’t exactly legal here in the San Blas. Therefore, I didn’t want any of them to go to waste. What to do with them all?

When I find myself in these culinary predicaments there is only one person to call, my friend Jocelyn – an absolute mastermind in the kitchen, among many other wonderful things. When I sent out my coconut query I was not prepared for her response. Let me clarify. When I say prepared, I mean I had not recently run a marathon. She came back with a recipe for macaroons!! (I must admit she stated “if you dare” and should be absolved of responsibility.)

So of course I made the macaroons. And of course they were delicious. When I momentarily surfaced from my sugar-blinding high I embarrassingly took stock of how many macaroons I had inhaled and quickly packaged up the rest. I proceeded to jump on the paddle board and deliver them to friends on the surrounding boats in the anchorage before I could dummy any more.

After the macaroon madness of the morning, the afternoon was spent perfecting Kirk’s beach smoker. Greg had speared some fish yesterday so that we had some to start early this afternoon. With Kirk’s guidance we got them all strung up, wrapped up, and soon to be smoked up. And with bocce ball to kill the time, we were enjoying yet another amazing beach dinner in no time.


Setting out on the macaroon delivery rounds.



Beach smoker step one – start a fire.


Stringing up the fish.


One triggerfish, one dog snapper, and one trevally.


At this point I think Kirk is taking bedsheet donations.


That’s an affirmative. It’s definitely smokey in there.


Niko patiently waiting for someone, anyone, to dish her a plate.


Hammock central.


  1. Please the recept of the macaroons on your blog.
    Thank you,

    Loud and Marlene from the Rafiki

    1. Hey Rafiki! I have an email to you guys to get out. Have you made it to Colombia yet? I’ll send the recipe over via email.

      1. We are working on the boat in Curacao. We refit the compleet teakdeck. A lot of work. In october the boat is going out of the water for painting the underwatership. In november we go home for the celebration of the 50 year marriage from my parents. We planned to go on the end of november or beginning december to Cartagena, with stops in a lot of bays. After that we go to the San Blas. We look to the beautiful foto’s on your blog. Thanks for your nice blog with a lot of information.

  2. Please email me a copy of your recipe too…and for sure, save some for Christmas!

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