Greg’s Favourite Bomby

(West Coco Bandero, San Blas, Panama)

The last time we were anchored in the Coco’s Greg found himself a private diving bomby. A bomby is a coral formation surrounded by sand and this one in particular is located just outside the outer reef of the Coco Bandero Cays.

For the last week Greg has been visiting his “secret spot” every day and today he deemed me worthy to go with him.

I have to give it to Greg, the spot was pretty cool. Loads of fish, thriving coral, and many tunnels and caves to explore. And even though he bagged two dog snappers and finished them off in the water, I didn’t see a single shark! That doesn’t mean the sharks weren’t around though.

After Greg got the second snapper I was admiring a triggerfish that seemed to be keeping a close eye on me when Greg calmly announced shark and pointed back towards the dinghy. I looked around and didn’t spot the intruder, but this certainly didn’t stop me from making my way to home free. Once back at the dinghy I asked Greg about the shark and he said it would have definitely been the largest nurse shark I had ever seen. A feat I’m happy to leave for another day.

* I just finished putting together a short video of this dive. Unfortunately loading it would eat up our pricey data minutes faster than I consume any and all chocolate aboard Oceanna. Therefore, it’ll have to wait till we’re on marina wifi in Colon. Which will be in about a week. Until then, know it’s great, and that it’s set to the sweet serenades of who my Dad says is “the only band worth knowing.” *

UPDATE: Here’s the promised video.

PS. Did I mention we almost capsized the dinghy?


  1. Love your posts! Glad that dead fish are no longer kept in board shorts pockets. Just returned from San Francisco, What a gas. Sugga sends her best.

  2. […] I’ll see if I can get a video of the Pro Tour put together and get it up here later. Until then, know I finally got the dive video up from the Coco Banderos. Check it out here. […]

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