Don’t Worry about Worrying

(West Coco Bandero, San Blas, Panama)

I learned pretty quickly that it’s wasted energy worrying about Greg Evans. He’ll huck himself off a cliff, or swim daily with sharks regardless of the anxiety you build up for yourself. It’s best just to accept, and once you’ve done that you move very quickly to promotion. The boy will put himself into some pretty wild situations, but he has the knowledge, experience, and reckless abandon to work them out.

Greg’s afternoon spear has been getting later and later these days because he insists (and rightly so) that that’s when the bigger and better fish are out and about. His later departure translates into a later arrival back at the boat which, up until today, has been well before the sun drops too low in the sky. Today he got me to the point of thinking about worrying.

We had plans to meet everyone on the beach for a bonfire and supper. I passed on a dinghy ride from a friend saying Greg would be back any minute and we’d come right in. Over an hour later and Greg hadn’t shown back up to Oceanna. The sun had gotten around to setting though. Eventually our friend Keith came out expressing the beach party’s worry about Greg, and it was at this moment I finally spotted Greg and Marie ripping in from the outer reef.

See, no need to worry.

He showed up smiling with a dinghy full of fish. Completely oblivious to anyone’s concern.


The colours and textures of this papaya insisted I take a picture. I am not sure how I’ll ever cope when tropical fruits aren’t in abundance.


Same goes for the San Blas sunsets.


Greg’s evening fish haul. Look at that crab! Guess they’re no longer eluding the master fisherman.


And this is what you find later on the camera when you leave Greg to clean the fish with a beer in hand.


  1. Gregory,smarten up–be considerate of others (this is your mother speaking!!!!)

  2. Talked to your dad at the gym this morning and he recommended your web site. I agree, this should become a book, sans swearing of course. I am so glad you are having such a great experience on your boat. Your partner sounds like a real find. Hope to meet her some time and see again.

    Believe it or not I still get called in to help out at KSS but not this year yet because of the strike. Said I wanted to work until I was 70 and I made it. Enjoyed having David at KSS before he went to Victoria. My older grandson has taken sailing lessons this summer with Rubedeau. I will show him your web site.

    All the best. Jim Oakes.

    1. Hi Jim! Kaycee here, thanks for the kudos on the blog. I’ll try to watch my tongue, but I tend to write the way I speak. Ha.

      Greg says it’s great to hear from you. My mom was a teacher as well, working to 70 is quite an accomplishment! Maybe we’ll have to work that long as well after we take these years off!

      1. Jim Oakes · ·

        The swearing was in connection with Greg fixing the sink. I can’t imagine a dainty lady like you swearing. I went back through several of your old postings and I am impressed with your writing. An English teacher was one of my incarnations. Never taught any of the Evans boys but knew them from school. I knew Doug before he was married so that goes back a long way. No teaching going on here these days. We have two sons and two daughters in law who are on the picket line now and four grandchildren that are loose ends. All the best to both of you.

  3. Jim Oakes · · Reply

    I replied once but it seems to have disappeared. Looks like you are having a great time. Great writing also. I agree; a book in the making. Jim Oakes

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