A Flat Chichime

(Chichime, San Blas, Panama)

We ventured back to Chichime yesterday in hopes that there would be some swell so Greg could get some surfing in. Deep down we knew we’d find flat water, but we had to at least try.

Flat water it was! Not a wave to be found. Things we did find though:

  • A beautiful island stroll with a very friendly and extremely enthusiastic four-legged friend.
  • An agro Belgium who yelled at us in what I can only assume was Dutch about what I can only assume was our anchoring location. Long story short, we moved about 5 feet and he stopped yelling.
  • A continuation of Greg’s obsession with emergency planning (brought on by reading Steven Callahan’s book Adrift, an account of his 76 days spent adrift at sea in his life raft). This morning kicked off with a viewing of the User’s Manual DVD that came with our life raft, which was followed up with reviewing the specifications of our PLB (Personal Location Beacon). Thrilling stuff.

Kidding aside, Greg’s fixation with survival tactics in the case that something happens to Oceanna is truly beneficial. Disaster can strike even the most seasoned, cautious, and well planned sailor. It’s good to review our back up resources and have a proper plan in place should something go wrong. What’s not really reassuring is Greg’s competitive nature. The following conversation we had this morning doesn’t really put me at ease.

Greg – “I was thinking, if something were to happen I’d have to try to beat Steven’s record.”

Me – “Ha ha, ya ya. Like a rescue boat would show up on the 75 day and you would ask them just to please come back in a couple of days?”

Greg – “Oh no, there are people who have been lost at sea longer. Steven was solo…”



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