Not Normally Seen in the Wild

(Central Holandes, San Blas, Panama)

If you look closely at the next picture you’ll see something that’s not normally seen in the wild. It’s an extremely rare sight that seems to be increasing in occurrence over the past couple days.

What you’re seeing is Greg Evans reading a book! Completely of his own volition. In fact, I’ve actually had to ask him to put it down so that other things can be accomplished. If you think I’m joking understand this, this novel marks the seventh book Greg has ever read in his life. Yup, that’s easy to count. To understand the true humor of it all though, you really need to hear Greg’s childhood story of getting pulled out of gym class to read with Ms. August and the resulting blow up when he found out none of the other kids were having to do it.

Jokes aside, the book is a great read and Greg’s fascination with it is more than beneficial. The book is Adrift by Steven Callahan. It’s the real life account of Steven’s seventy-six days spent adrift in the Atlantic Ocean after his sailboat sunk. It’s got us thinking and propelled us to get our emergency stores in place. Greg is currently obsessed with solar stills. Stand by.


A secretly taken picture as not to disrupt the incredibly rare sight.


Not to worry though, the reading could never stop him from killing fish. Check out these monsters!

One comment

  1. Wow! Beautiful fish, happy fisherman! (Ocean Farmer!)

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