Boat Crabs

(Eastern Coco Bandero Cays, San Blas, Panama)

Over the last month or so we’ve notice Oceanna has contracted a bout of crabs. The amount is debatable but I’ve seen at least two different culprits. These crabs in question are not your regular Keg eating variety, they’re bordering on minuscule, look almost translucent, and quickly go into hiding when spotted. They’ve taken up residence on the back-bottom step and are most likely harmless. In fact, I like to think they’re cleaning up some of the organic growth accumulating there. Moral of the story: Oceanna has crabs and it’s quite funny telling Greg his precious little girl is a dirty, STD infected, globetrotter. (I realize this may be a little offside, so I apologize, but it’s fun to get a jab in on Greg.)

In other crab news, we finally bought a crab off the local Kuna fisherman. Of all the delicious options Greg pulls out of the sea, crabs are one thing that continue to elude him. Not only was this guy tasty to eat, he offered more than enough entertainment to fill an afternoon as we figured out the proper way to handle and prepare him.



A lengthy stand off. I had my money on the crab.


  1. el cangrejo!

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