A Fish and A Hammock

(Eastern Coco Bandero Cays, San Blas, Panama)

A fish and a hammock. That about sums up the day.

Well today was also my brother Shea’s birthday and although a whole slew of things come to mind when I think about him, running is definitely in the forefront. There’s not a better running partner out there than Shea. He’s annoyingly positive and knows how to push you to your limits. A decidedly good thing when training.

So in honour of his date of birth today, I went for a run. It was embarrassingly pathetic. My running route was the circumference of a tiny island (Read: speck of land composing of sand and one palm tree). I’m thinking each lap was at  least 100 meters. I’m not going to say how many laps I got in, but I will say the sailing and cruising life uses little, if not none, of the muscles required for running. Maybe I can find a smaller island?




  1. Jaycee I have been following you since a Web search on SD50’s leaking oil turned your blog up.
    My husband and I are a couple of retired Aussie newby sailors on a Catamaran Privilege 495 currently cruising Dalmatian coast. We purchased our catamaran Minyga in Les Sables d’Olonne and set out to see the Med in May 2013. Plan to get to Florida and then head to Caribbean maybe by 2016.
    Your written word is fantastic – keep it up.

    1. Hey Liz, thanks for following along! We’ll have to keep in touch, I’m sure you’ll have some pointers for us as we’re headed your way eventually.

  2. Shelley Morris · · Reply

    Hi Kaycee& Greg, Are you going to require assistance going through the Panama Canal with the deck lines? Two couples from Victoria, with boating experience, Frank& Shelley, & Larry & Mary,would be interested in spending the time to transit the canal with you! Don’t feel obligated ! we are not looking for any accommodation ! If you need help let us know. Shelley Morris.

    1. Hey Shelley! Great to hear from you. Thanks for your interest about the canal. We actually do need extra hands on deck for the canal crossing. One captain and four deckhands. We already have a couple cruising friends who have offered to help but the hard part really is timing. We don’t have a set time when we’re going through and then when we do pay and confirm when we want to go we’re on standby, perhaps waiting for weeks for an opening. Makes scheduling helpers kind of tough.

  3. Shelley Morris · · Reply

    Hi Kaycee & Greg, Thanks for the reply, have a great time on the boat! Cheers. Shelley

  4. Blog needs to be updated…. my friday afternoon is pretty boring lol….. miss you KC xoxoxo

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