City Living in Nargana

(Waisaladup, San Blas, Panama)

Today was a bit of a change-up in our regular San Blas daze. We cruised over to Nargana to do some city living. I was told there would be icecream! That’s all I needed to know.

One hammock, countless fresh fruits and veggies, and an amazing lunch complete with icecream sandwiches later we had completed our tour of the city. Next stop, a dinghy tour up the river for crocodile hunting and a fresh water shower.

We did spot a crocodile on our motor up, but the assurances of safety from our guides and friends, Maria and Kathy, had us bathing in the fresh water without too much hesitation. I’m sure the river Balboas did something to steel our nerves as well.


Three kids played keeper between the goal posts as an amigo took aim.


It was Sunday today and the courtyard was been swept dry of the new rainfall for soccer matches to take place.


View from the steel bridge connecting Nargana and Corazon. The twin cities.


Would you look at that, this store was huge score for G Fresh. He was able to replenish his empty stocks of Raman Noodles.


They say the boats that wreck on reefs here in the San Blas can be completely stripped in less than 2 days. This pimped out panga makes it pretty clear where supplies end up. This guy was pretty proud of his Lewmar hatches and stainless steel rails.


Look closely, that’s a croc in the back of this picture.


Motoring up the river.


Save water. Bathe in the river!


River Captain G Fresh.


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