Are We Down Under?

(Green Island, San Blas, Panama)

Forget the crashing waves and jagged coral. Don’t worry about the toothy barracudas. Hell, stop thinking about the freaking sharks. Now we have crocodiles to worry about. I shit you not. Crocodiles. And big ones.

When we first arrived in the San Blas and I was attempting to educate myself on the  place, I read about the native crocodiles. They could be found in the rivers of Panama and were known to sometimes venture offshore. I mentioned this fact to Greg, who quickly dismissed the need to fret as we wouldn’t be far enough inshore. And coming from Greg – who is terrified of crocs – this was enough to put the nasty buggers out of my mind.

Until today.

I was quietly nursing my birthday hangover on board Oceanna when a dinghy came up with an important announcement. The couple, and their dog, had just been swimming off the nearby island, like they have for the past two months, when they caught sight of something big in the water. Quick reflexes (albeit better than mine, I probably would have just froze and peed my pants) got them moving and to the safety of their dinghy in time for them to identify an 8 foot crocodile cruising their, until now, safe swimming hole.

That about sealed the deal on me never getting in the water again. Later, us, and all the other boats in the anchorage, watched as the killer croc snatched himself a pelican for dinner and cruised it away to enjoy on his own time.

I think it’s time to move anchorages.



Crocodile and unlucky pelican cruising by the back of The Kooks.


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