Spearing Gets Personal

(Banedup, San Blas, Panama)

I am torn whether to ask for backup or simply throw myself off the boat. I either need new recruits to listen to the fish tales or the next time Greg launches into the story about the HUGE Pargo that he shot but somehow got away, I’m going to fling myself over the lifelines and make no attempt to swim back.

In recent fishing developments Greg has taken to wearing his camo wetsuit in too warm of water because he’s sure the fish can see him. Then today’s gear change involved switching from his orange float line to his blue. No sense being incognito if you have a bright orange line leading straight to you. For Greg, spearing here has become so personal he insists the fish know his name.

In an attempt to distance myself from the manic realm of fishing aboard Oceanna, I opted for the polar opposite – sewing. Back in North Carolina I bought some fabric with the idea of making my own kimonos. Today seemed like as good of day as any to give it go.






  1. Gorgeous picture of Oceanna’s figurehead in the sunset!
    Love it!

  2. I like the little bonsai behind the sewing machine! I also like the idea of making kimonos. I think I am going to try that too!

    1. Oh we love our Bonsai too April! It keeps trying to die but always battles back. Kimonos are pretty easy just got to get the right type of fabric (which I didn’t, ha).

  3. Doug Evans · · Reply

    I look forward to reading your blogs Ksea. They would make a great book. Doug

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