Boat Lust and Shark Horror

(Chichime, San Blas, Panama)

If you want proof of how much the boy loves his boat, check out the photoshoot below. This is the product of rising well before sunrise, circling in the dinghy, and capturing – in a more than appealing setting – your one true love. A romance for the history books folks.

On the other side of the coin I experienced some real terror on an afternoon dive today. While in the shallows of the outer reef I lost Greg in the maze of coral and schools of fish. (One particular school which I’m now sure was in on the ploy.) I was cruising around actually enjoying myself; taking in the picturesque coral, attempting to operate the GoPro, and following a school of Blue Tangs strolling around their neighbourhood. Not such a friendly neighbourhood evidently. I rounded a coral head to the sight of the biggest shark I have yet to see diving. I shit you not the thing was bigger than me and it sure wasn’t a soft-cornered nurse shark. I froze and attempted to stay calm. My new friend circled around a couple of times, seemingly checking me out – or ensuring I was sufficiently scared out of my mind – before it dashed out of sight with one powerful tail stroke. I doubt I have ever swam faster than I did back to the paddle boards. I was most certainly done for the day. And maybe some days to follow.

Now, now I’m sure there’s a slew of divers out there (Greg included) that’ll tell me I had nothing to worry about. You’re going to see sharks when diving, blah, blah, blah. It is here I will remind you I am from Saskatchewan!! I am not meant to swim with sharks, regardless of their intentions.






  1. Gorgeous sunrise (and beautiful boat)!
    Well done, Greg!!

  2. I am really, reeeally trying not to think about the rest of that post!

  3. Great pics! I am looking forward to following your adventures. The shark sounds exciting! Eeek! I have yet to see a shark while diving. I am almost tempted to do a shark dive. But haven’t had the opportunity come along as yet. Happy sailing!

    1. Hi Viki. Great to have you following along. Sounds like you’ll have some amazing adventures as well. You started out from New Zealand yet?

      1. Not as yet, currently sailing around the South Island of New Zealand. Still a couple of years off leaving, so I will live vicariously through you guys in the mean time! Enjoy 🙂

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