Permutations in Paradise

(Chichime, San Blas, Panama)

We may actually be growing roots. Although we wake up every morning talking about heading to Porvenir to check in, we lay our heads down each night in Chichime.

One day continues to blend into the next here. Each day is its own combination of fish and surf. Spearing, jigging, or long lining. Paddle board, fish, or Libtech. The permutations are seemingly endless. Of course there’s other bits sprinkled in, but the dynamic duo tend to prevail.

Greg has been quite infatuated with spearing on the outer reef here, and his fish stories about the monster that just got away are really taking on a life of their own. Besides working on his story-telling abilities Greg has become more proficient at keeping his catch away from mooching sharks. Bringing home tasty snapper prime for ceviche making.


Ceviche in the making.


Food porn, mostly posted for my friend Jocelyn. Go on, throw some mango chunks in the next banana loaf!


Can you see him thinking? I can see him thinking. Greg’s patience with line fishing is basically obsolete, but word of a friend bagging a 30lb Pargo in a neighbouring bay has Greg stringing new lures.


  1. Jocelyn · · Reply

    Mango chunks because why the eff not?? Great. Loaf.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Knew you would approve.

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