Cut to Connect

(San Blas, Panama)

And it’s paradise. Blue water, scattered palm-lined islands, and swell. Real-live, bonafide, wave-catching swell for Greg to get his surf hunger fed. I’m beginning to doubt we’ll ever leave.

Problem with paradise is, there’s no wifi. Not that we need internet, but there’s a couple places it comes in handy. One, email communication with our insurance provider to renew our contract. Can’t believe Oceanna has been ours for a year already! Two, for blogging! I feel as if I’m letting anyone (assuming there’s anyone) reading this down. But don’t give up on me now. I’ve made it this far and won’t stop.

As of today though we’re back online. The newest Digicel customers coming at ya from Chichime anchorage! All it took was a 5 nautical mile open-ocean dinghy ride to a neighbouring island, a hand gestured conversation to purchase a sim card, the subsequent “trimming” of said sim card to fit in our phone, and about 45 minutes on Digicel’s Spanish website signing up for service. Tada!

We are alive, very happy, and running out of eggs. Life is good. (Despite the egg part.)



  1. So glad to hear you guys are doing great—I love the pic–it does look like paradise!!! Keep up the great job!!

  2. Shelley · · Reply

    OMG where do I sign up. Looks absolutely beautiful. Enjoy
    XX00 Shelley

    1. No need to sign up Auntie! You must know there’s an open invitation anytime you’d like to come for a visit. This place is truly beautiful.

  3. All I can say is WOW<WOW<WOW.


  4. Mike Lamborn · · Reply

    Kaycee! It has been amazing following your journey to paradise. Keep up the great work on the blog and have fun (which I don’t see that as being a problem!) Live it up!

    1. Hey Potter! I’m tickled to know you’re following along. Lots more adventures to come. Great to hear from you.

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