Skim Bails and Surf Waves

(Chichime, San Blas, Panama)

In life living aboard, the simplest household tasks can be morphed into prolonged, muddled events. (Not that I’m complaining. I need moments of supposed normalcy to dot the spaces between water sports.)

This morning’s household task – taking out the garbage. Here in the San Blas there are no garbage collecting facilities so the most responsible thing to do with your trash is to burn it. That, or stockpile it until you’re going to the mainland. And since we have no plans to do that for the coming month or so, today was garbage burning day. A surprisingly fun task given the nature.

Not to worry though, even taking out the garbage can involve an imaginative skim session. The attempted, but never mastered, move of the day was a big acid drop off a picturesque palm tree. Now from my point of view the fails are much more entertaining than the successes. That is until blood is drawn. In Greg’s dramatic re-telling “a conch shell pounced and bit him”. That, or a shark navigated the inch depths to snap at his heels. No matter how it really happened, Greg got a nasty cut on the side of his foot and skimming was done for the day.

Back at Oceanna we lifted the anchor and headed west to Chichime. Today was Jean’s birthday and we had a party to get to. It also just so happens that Chichime has a well-known surf break in the San Blas. A little factoid that had Mr Evans quite excited. Chichime’s entrance has an extensive submerged reef on one side, and the surf break on the other. A not so safe combination for a wave hungry captain. “Two eyes on the road” would not be a saying I’d use to describe Greg as we entered Chichime anchorage. As soon as we’d set Oceanna into her new home in the crowded anchorage, the dinghy was in the water loaded with boards.

Watching Greg catch the waves he has been craving for so long now brought a real smile to my face. The boy was in his element. This is why we’re doing what we’re doing. The smile brought on by Greg’s surfing joy was easily washed away by my own surfing inability. After being put through the wash twice I headed back to the dinghy to catch my breath and let the real surfer’s enjoy the swell.













  1. I see your point – it’s like a comic strip – very entertaining!
    Keep smiling Greg!

  2. wemissbbq · · Reply

    Oh man these pics make us so home sick for San Blas. Especially that one with the mountains in the background. Make sure you go find Nestor and Carolina near Porvenir. Miss you guys and really miss that part of the world. We were in Abaco this week…Lobster season opens the 1st (just missed it) and we were considering scoping out the honey ledge from our epic feast with you guys.

    1. We can definitely appreciate how you could be home sick for this place. It’s pretty amazing. We’re headed to finally check in at Porvenir today… or maybe tomorrow. We’ll be sure to look up Nestor and Carolina. I saw you were probably too busy “wedding planning” to lobster hunt anyhow?! Ha.

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