Fish du Jour

(Cayos Holandes, San Blas, Panama)

Lionfish was on the menu today. We went for a dive on one of the interior coral reefs and Greg snagged this beat. For a ruthlessly poisonous and painful fish, it’s awfully pretty under water. (Mind my blurry GoPro skills.)

The scissors weren’t in Greg’s diving basket, so the regular in-water haircut had to wait till we got back to the boat. Kev, if you’re reading this send us your mailing address when you’re done land cruising. Greg has some mementos to send you!


Lionfish Spear

Lionfish Spear 2



  1. Richard Kreeger · · Reply

    This is Kevin K’s Dad. The mailing address the Cascadura / Coachman crew is using is ours: 12022 NW 31st. Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33065.

    1. Thanks Richard! Send our best to the Coachmen Crew!

  2. Cascadura · · Reply

    Nice Lionfish…I sure hope you cooked him up and got more revenge on any relative of the guy who stung me 🙂

    1. Not to worry Kev, he was deliciously devoured with vengeance in mind. Ha.

  3. Nice shot! How did you cook the varmint?

    1. This little guy was galley transformed into tasty fish cakes. Think crab cake meets lionfish. An onboard favourite.

    2. Haha cut the spines off and just fillet! I reckon they would be good in ceviche just haven’t tried it yet!

  4. We have a related fish here (Australia) we call red rock cod (Scorpaena cardinalis) – and then ‘poor man’s lobster’ when it’s on the plate (firm and tasty). Also related, what the French call rascasse (Scorpaena scrofa), is considered one of the essentials in proper bouillabaisse – with all that seafood your on to, your all set for a tropical version!

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