Good Morning San Blas

(Cayos Halandes, San Blas, Panama)

Good Morning San Blas! Over the last couple days I’ve definitely pinched myself more than once. Is this real life? As Jesse – a new friend from Vancouver we met on a charter boat – poetically said “it’s a postcard”. Idyllic islands, white sand beaches, and a complete colour wheel of blue waters. Paradise may often be a misplaced word, but here I think it truly fits the bill.

We’ve burned our days in and on the water. Paddle boarding, catching waves, and shooting fish. We took our new Vancouver friends, Jesse and Helena, out for a dive and Jesse bagged a beauty of a triggerfish to pop his spearing cherry.

The skims have also been out and about. Greg spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to pop shuv-it a washed up palm tree. Pure entertainment for the high-end Panamanians off a nearby motor yacht.

Spearing, wave catching, and skim bailing are all picture worthy activities. Unfortunately they’re also all water activities and the camera is the last thing you think to grab when jumping in the dinghy. In fact my picture-taking skills seem to be inversely related to my awe and interest in our new digs. I’ll attempt to step it up, but no promises are being made.




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  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    These are awesome shots! Beach and palm trees forever! We are so glad to read your latest entries and know your are safe. It looks like Paradise where you are now so enjoy all it has to offer. Keep having all those adventures as you live life to the fullest.

    Judy and Ken

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