The One That Thankfully Got Away

(Underway, Caribbean Sea)

No, I didn’t take this picture, but it’s the very same image that is etched into the back of my eyelids when I think of today’s fishing adventures. Except in my picture the marlin is bigger, angrier, and attached to a lime green lure, which is attached to a rod, attached to Oceanna. It was real, live, National Geographic shit.

Greg had set all his lines and gone for nap – as he often does, claiming a superstitious theory that that’s when he has the best luck hooking anything. Well today it worked, again. I was sitting at the helm when one reel began to scream, then stop, as fast as it started. One more little yelp from the reel and it was done again. I thought the hook had snagged on some sea grass when it opened up and really started to run. I yelled at Greg and he jumped from a dead sleep to full-on fisherman mode. As he was setting the reel I looked off the rear starboard of the boat and saw a frothy white ruckus on the face of one of our following waves. Suddenly, like a scene out of Planet Earth, this huge marlin launched out of the water displaying what I can only describe as the perfect tail whip. On closer inspection we quickly realized this display of marine finesse was not just for our viewing pleasure, we could plainly see our lime green lure suspended inches from this guys mouth. Holy F*ck! I thought the little sailfish in the Bahamas was extreme, this thing was a monster! As Greg was mounting up to reel the beast in, and I was making a move to get the scissors to cut the line (what I thought the only option was) the Marlin busted out some more moves and spit the hook.

I spent the next half hour repeating “Did you see that?!?” as Greg woke up entirely and claimed he could have totally reeled him in. Ya, ya. Sure you could have babe.


One comment

  1. Wow! That must have been one awesome and frightening experience!!
    Or Greg,,,was it all a dream?

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