Caribbean Night Shift Ramblings

(Underway, Caribbean Sea)

Relentless. Relentless is my new word for the ocean. Not vast. Not scenic. Not blue. Relentless.

On tonight’s shifts we were treated to a full moon that illuminated the wet world around Oceanna. It was so bright I could have sat in the cockpit and read my book with no headlight. I did not read though. I was too preoccupied with a mixture of awe and stifled terror at the sea following us. Albeit everything seems more (just more) at night, I couldn’t help but wonder when it would let up. One after another after another this big meaty swell would build, chase, and wash past us holding a slightly faster pace than Oceanna. An endless cycle of unrelenting power.

If I’ve never stated it, our uncontested MVP while underway is our autopilot. No one works harder and no one is more appreciated. Screw it if this takes away from our sailing cred. We love our autopilot and our autopilot loves us!


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