Kite Blow Out

(Puerto Velero, Colombia)

After a day of kiting fails yesterday we opted to stay at Puerto Velero for another day to try to redeem our kiting spirits. Greg spent the morning doing more repairs on his kite. Yesterday he found that one of the valves for the kite’s air bladder had blown off leaving it floating, unoperational, and a hole in the bladder. Dismantle, sand, super glue, and repack. He thought he was back in action. Not so much luck. Turns out all seven valves where on the same page and had spontaneously decided to go on working strike together. More sanding, more super glueing, and a lot of colourful words towards North Kite’s product quality and Greg was stuffing the air bladder back in the length of the kite this morning.

Over to the beach and a loud pop while blowing up the kite saw Greg packing up his 10m Fuse without another word. Out came my 7m Fuse and Greg has been avoiding eye contact with his ever since.

Although he was a little underpowered by the smaller kite, Puerto Velero’s high winds had Greg screaming across the bay in no time. Four countries in and he was finally kiting.




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