The To Do List

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia)

The infamous To Do List never ends. We’ve been hard at it the last couple days to tick off as many items as possible before we leave the marina, and unlimited water and power. I’d say we’ve done pretty good, and that Santa Marta has been more than good to us.

We found some real steals and were always treated to the industrious views on the streets while we were at it. Greg and I are pretty conditioned to Northern Alberta Oil Field Safety Regulations so welding on the sidewalk sans any PPE whatsoever is a seriously different approach. In fact the handyman work going on curbside is truly remarkable. Everything from hand rewinding motors for fans and blenders to complete clutch and transmission rebuilds. Traffic be damned.

Or simply pop in off the sidewalk and find yourself in a full-on chemical distribution shop. This really impressed Greg. Ever since his obsession with Clorox started he has grown this odd, and potentially dangerous, inclination towards strong chemicals. Today’s latest thrill, muriatic acid. Or as we attempted to pronounce, acido muriatico. Greg’s been really hot and heavy to get his hands on some of this since he read about its stain removing ability on the white gel coat. Stains beware, Greg now has over five liters of the tough stuff.

As we prepare to leave we (read: Greg) have accomplished the following upgrades to Oceanna:

  • finished stripping teak toe rails
  • new mirrors in both heads
  • oil change and general maintenance on windlass
  • cockpit table refinished
  • fabricated oak grate floor board for starboard shower
  • raised cockpit grates (alleviating the toe-stubber)
  • repaired genoa
  • purchased 12V fans to up fridge efficiency
  • stocked up on spark plugs for Yammy
  • stripped and re-siliconed toe rail seals
  • changed port engine front main seal (for the third time, if anyone is counting)








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