The Vengeance of Oceanna

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia)

Yesterday was our second and last day in Cartagena. We spent the day in true cruising tourist form – marine stores in the morning, followed by a museum and souvenir shopping in the afternoon. Ya we did.

We set out first thing in search of a proper marine store. Santa Marta, for all its amenities, does not have a single marine specific store. Therefore searching for a 12V 120amp breaker, for the windlass, is next to impossible. As it turns out, three marine stores later, it’s still not possible. The trip was not a waste though, we came away with silicon (the same stuff that was confiscated out of Doug’s bag) and varnish to finish the teak cockpit table.  Check and Check.

Back inside the walls of the old city we hit up the Museo del Oro. The Gold Museum. For the Sinu natives of Colombia, gold used to be a mainstay in everyday life. From jewelry and body ornaments distinguishing social rank and position, to everyday tools such as fishing hooks and cooking utensils – it was all gold. The indigenous people believed when you died you continued your life in the next. Therefore the fisherman was buried with his tackle, the chieftess with her jewels, and so on. You can imagine the conquering Spaniards nasty greedy hands at the thought of this. It wasn’t long before all the grave sites had been plundered.

And here we are today admiring staff toppers and matching papa and son family-jewel covers, also plundered from graves and put on display by the Colombian people? Guess those particular boys are kicking it in their birthday suits in the afterlife.

Now on to the title of this particular post. To say Greg was suffering from acute separation anxiety from his girl Oceanna would be putting it lightly. He put on a brave face, but it wasn’t hard to tell where his mind so often was. Then when small insignificant things started to go wrong Greg announced it was all the workings of his vengeful, neglected boat. First, the water went out at the hostal. Oceanna was really showing us, or was the water being off for several blocks of Cartagena a mere unfortunate coincidence? Then last night, poor Doug was hit with some unknown illness that had him laid up for 24 hours. The trooper he is, he battled through a five-hour bus ride back to Santa Marta without so much as a complaint. This, if you ask Greg, was also Oceanna spreading her wrath for leaving her alone at the marina.

If I’m to touch on all Greg’s evidential points I must also add the annoying blisters I suffered on my feet from walking the streets of Cartagena. There’s also the maniac of a bus driver we all had to endure. Have you ever taken part in a four-wide vehicle pass on a two-lane road with oncoming traffic? We have. Multiple times. And I’m sure if you brought it up, Greg would try to blame Colombia’s loss in their World Cup match against Brazil (their first and last of the tournament) on Oceanna’s far-reaching malice.

To say the least, once we arrived back at Greg’s number one girl (note: Delma and I have been forever bumped down the list) he declared his love and swore never to leave her again.


Marine view in Cartagena on our morning walk to the boat stores.


Desayuno (breakfast) from a local street vendor. Possibly where it all went wrong for Doug?


Greg happy as a pig in shit in his newly purchased Colombian hat.


Doug and Delma being explained the different pieces of gold.


Papa’s and son’s dangly bit covers.


I’m sure if you told Greg gold lures caught more fish he would have attempted to bargain for these.


Pretending like he’s interested.


The sweet tooth strikes again! But damn were these flavoured coconut cookies gooooood.


There was an entire street of these decadent jarred booths. What’s a girl to do?


Cafe in the park.


Stud on a date with his #3 girl.


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