Coming at Ya Cartagena

(Hostal Santo Domingo, Cartagena, Colombia)

I wouldn’t say I’m an A+ tourist, and our trip to Cartagena is no exception. The amount I knew about Cartagena before we went was very little, and what I did know was mostly told to me 10 minutes prior to leaving by a friend at the marina.

I had seen a picture or two in our cruising guides so I was expecting some impressive architecture. What I wasn’t expecting, and happily stumbled upon mere minutes into arriving at the “old city” section of Cartegena, was a sumptuous statue of a curvacious women evidently very proud of her form. Something about her confident pose and unapologizing figure was a breath of fresh air for me.

(As we checked into our hostal and I noticed the gelato shop literally right across the street, I realized I should have been gauging Greg’s appreciation of the statue a little more closely than my own…)

Quick follow up research informed me the statue was “Botero’s Gordita”. Fernando Botero is a prominent Colombian artist and sculptor famous for his signature style of depicting people and figures in “large, exaggerated volume”. Hence our luscious lady.

Once we checked into our new digs – Doug and Delma’s very first hostal! – we set out to take in more of the city. The “old city”, or downtown of Cartagena, that we stayed in references the colonial walled city that dates back, at least, to the 17th Century. The beautiful cobblestone streets created an endless maze for us to explore. Balconies laden in bougainvillea, trendy little restaurants, relentless street vendors selling anything and everything, and icecream, always with the irresistible hard icecream.


Arriving outside the wall.


Delma sitting pretty in her very first hostal.


Botero’s Gordita.



You can see him making the gun noise if you look closely. Ha.


Purchasing my very own Gordita. I chose my lady based on which had the best ass.


Santo Domingo square in the weird glow of dusk.


Street walking.


  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Come on….with Doug fat wallet you could have afforded a hotel with a pool and a bar…….a hostel…..reminds me of my younger age of 21 backpacking over Europe….lol…..ken

  2. Hey you two looks like your living your dreams. Those pictures of Cartgena look very familiar. Milt and I had a day there in March when we were on our cruise. All is well here in G.P.

    1. Great to hear from you Fil!! Where did you go on a cruise to? You guys always go on great vacations.

      1. We did an 11 day Panama canal, Going thru the canal was totally awesome, also visited Aruba, Grand Cayman (my favourite), and Costa Rica. We were planning to go to Greece this September, but are expecting Grandchild #2, so it will have to wait until next Sept.

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